With over 170 acres of land, The Lexington Cemetery has over 200 species of trees including dogwoods, color crab apples, ornamental magnolias and pink weeping cherries. Throughout the season, cemetery visitors can find beautiful gardens of annuals and perennials.

Learn more about the horticultural aspects of The Lexington Cemetery by clicking on one of the following links to view video from the 2007 Tree Walk with The Lexington Cemetery Horticuluralist Miles Penn.

To read about the 41 trees included in The Lexington Cemetery Tree Guide,
click here.

Video Highlights from 2007 Guided Tree Walk

 Yellow Wood  Yellow Wood Sugar Maple
 Tulip Poplar  Redbud Buckeye
 Overcup Oak Holly Tupelo Spruce
 Buroak  Gingko-Southern Magnolia
 Basswood  Eurolarch Buroak
 Cork Tree  Cucumber Magnolia

For specific questions regarding horticulture, send an email to Miles Penn, horticulturalist.