Cemetery History

 History of The Lexington Cemetery

The classic gateway to The Lexington Cemetery opens into a significant community of the town's and state's past. Symbolically it was near this spot in 1775 that a small band of land hunters who had ventured out from Fort Harrod to spy out the countryside came to rest and were said to have given the place the name Lexington. That small band of backwoodsmen on a June day could not possibly have realized that the place where they camped would three quarters of a century later become one of perpetually extending historical importance. Alongside the bronze marker which commemorates the first viewing of the site of future Lexington stands the classic gateway to the town's major cemetery, and in truth its garden of history.

Thomas D. Clark

Excerpt from "A History of The Lexington Cemetery" by Burton Milward with introduction by Thomas D. Clark. The full version of this book is now available on this Website. Click below for the table of contents.