Notable People

The Lexington Cemetery reflects the social and economic changes that have taken place in Lexington-Fayette County. Within its gates lie people of different political, economic and social standing, race, and religion. Below are names of many individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the betterment of their community.


Click on the names to learn about the many notable people interred at the Lexington Cemetery.


Alford, Mitchell Cary
Allen, James Lane
Barlow, Milton
Beard, Joseph
Beauchamp, Frances E.
Beck, James Burnie
Breckinridge, Colonel William Cabell Preston
Breckinridge, Dr. Robert
Breckinridge, Dr. Sophonisba Preston
Breckinridge, General John Cabell
Breckinridge, John
Breckinridge, John Bayne
Breckinridge, Mary
Bruce, Benjamin Gratz
Buford, Abraham
Burr ows, Nathan
Bush, Joseph H.
Carty, Sr., John
Clay, Henry
Clay, James B.
Clay, Laura
Clay, Mary Barr
Clay, Mary Jane Warfield
Clifford, John D.
Combs, General Leslie
Cooper, Thomas Poe
DeSha, Mary
Dudley, Dr. Benjamin Winslow
Duke, Basil Wilson
Duncan, George Brand
Duncan, Henry T.
Ficklin, Joseph
Frazer, Oliver
Gibson, Randall Lee
Granger, Gordon
Gratz, Benjamin
Gray, J. Archer
Haggin II, Louis Lee
Haggin, Ben Ali
Hamilton, Holman
Hanson, Colonel Roger Weightman
Headley, Hal Price
Helm, Katherine
Huguelet, Guy A.
Hunt, Charlton
Hunt, John Wesley
Ingels, Margaret
Johnson, John Telemachus
Kaufman, Moses
King, Gilbert Hinds
Kirwan, Albert D.
Markey, Lucille Parker Wright
Masterson, James
McChord, James
McCullough, Samuel D.
McKee, Lt. Hugh
McLain, Raymond F.
McMurtry, John
McVey, Frances Jewell
McVey, Frank LeRond
Morgan, General John Hunt
Morrison, Colonel James
Neville, Linda
Noe, James Thomas Cotton
Patterson, James K.
Piatt, Thomas
Postlethwait, John
Ranck, George
Rupp, Coach Adolph
Sayre, David Austin
Scott, Matthew T.
Solomon, William King
Stoll, John George
Sweeney, Mary E.
Swope, King
Todd, Levi
Todd, Robert S.
Townsend, William H.
Underwood, Thomas R.
Williams, General Roger D.
Withers, William T