Breckinridge, Dr. Robert (1800-1871)

Breckinridge, Dr. Robert (1800-1871)
 Breckinridge Family

Section O, Lot 151
One of the 25 founders of The Lexington Cemetery Corporation, Dr. Robert Breckinridge was educated at Princeton, Yale and Union College. He practiced law in Lexington, served in the Kentucky Legislature, and became state superintendent of public instruction. That position earned him the title "founder of the public school system in Kentucky." At the age of 28, he retired from political life and devoted himself to theology. Ordained a Presbyterian minister, he served in Baltimore and at the First Presbyterian Church in Lexington. He was opposed to slavery, and at the beginning of the Civil War, he and others established the Danville Review, which strongly supported the Union. During the war, Breckinridge was Lincoln's advisor in Kentucky.

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