Masterson, James (1752-1838)


Section K, Lot 6
Lexington was named for the first site of the battle of the Revolutionary War by settlers who came here in 1775. These first settlers left, but others followed. One of the settlers was James Masterson, for whom Masterson's Station was named. In the spring of 1779, he helped build the first blockhouse on the corner of what is today Main and Mill Streets.

Masterson loved the woods and prided himself on his strength and skill. As Lexington grew and became a sophisticated city, Masterson kept the old stories of Indian dangers and buffalo and deer kills alive with his tales of the early days of the settlement. One of his favorite stories was how he brought the early settlers their salt. Masterson bragged that he had walked to the Falls of the Ohio River, in what is today Louisville, secured the salt, and returned "in a day or so," and, in fact, he did just that.

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